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I personally have a unique and independent approach to life. I’m obsessed with creativity and a love for anything art. I don’t just talk about design, I live it.


With over 25 years of marketing and design experience you can count on a job well done. Photography is more than just a passion for Fred, it’s a way of life. Capturing the perfect image is his quest and he will always be on the prowl hunting the best light, subject and composition. Every since he was a little boy he’s been inspired by art. All those years of doodling in the back of the class has finally paid off. Now Fred spends most of his time creating beautiful works of art. Some people sit behind a desk all day dreaming of life, Fred lives the dream.

Photography Highlights

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A formal education in graphic design is fine and dandy but what I possess can’t be learned in a classroom. It can only be learned at 2AM in  the morning with the project due that morning. It’s when the going gets tough that you find out the true character of the people you’re working with. When you hire Fred, rest assured you are hiring the best.

“Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world”

-Bruno Barbey

Although Fred specializes in architectural photography we also possess mad skills shooting everything from environmental portraits to product photography. If you have a message to get across, nothing beats a photo. I can talk all day long about what a great builder you are but all it takes is one photo to prove it.
Looking to make your trade show booth sing? Need to educate your customer on your latest products? Video is by far the best way to convert prospects into customers. If a photo is worth a thousand words how much is a video worth?
Graphic Design
Graphic design is the cornerstone of my business. I have a formal education in design and over twenty five years of experience delivering personalized, relevant messages to the masses. Great design can change the way customers view your business.

The Big Picture

Building your business is more than just selling a widget tomorrow. You need a long term plan with concrete goals and objectives. I can help you with the best plan of attack to make sure your money is spent in the right places. Are you selling products, skills, knowledge? I can help you define your objectives and come up with clear and concise plan to increase your profits.


I understand what it takes to close a sale. It takes knowledge and trust to build the confidence necessary to pull the trigger on a large priced item. I know what your customers are looking for because I’ve been there. Sometimes all it takes is just to shut up and listen. I can do both.


I understand the nuances and complexities of working in the business-to-business market. Many times your distributors depend on you to supply support materials. I can hand tailor your message to increase retention and customer loyalty and help sell/upsell your products.


Great ideas don’t come out of thin air. It takes creative minds with top-notch skills and insights. A team of talented people working together to exceed any and all expectations.

Creative Design

Talk is cheap, you’ve heard it a million times! I’ve always believed you can say a lot, without using words. I can come up with exciting ideas with the ultimate goal, selling.

Product Promotion

You’ve got the best product on Earth. But how can you get the word out? The right campaign can get your product into the right hands and create a lifetime of new business.

Brand Identity

Our team helps bring a your brand to life. Creativity and consistency, working hand-in-hand to educate your customer on who you are. We are the glue that binds your message to the brains of prospective customers.

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